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Handcrafted adult bibs; beach towel bags; burp cloths; doggie & kitty placemats; egg-gathering aprons; pencil/gel pen caddies; quillows; memory aprons; smocks; fidget smocks & coverups for anxiety &/or dementia: all handmade at the…

Resin jewelry that is art as well as jewelry. Unique handcrafted items

Band Saw Log Boxes, Log Crosses, Pen Holders, Candle Holders, Welcome Critters

As a wife, mother, grandmother and retired Registered Nurse I have plenty of identities.  But I needed my own identity so I  returned to my passion of sewing. I make quilts, throws, wall hangings, bowl cozies, mug rugs, table runners, pillows,…

Opened in 2019, Sparkle Side Up is a small, handmade crafts business specializing in custom designed and decorated drinking tumblers. We use vinyl, paints, inks, powders, papers, fabrics, and epoxy to decorate a variety of stainless steel and…

caShopping Marketplace is an e-commerce platform that enables third-party sellers to sell products or services on a fixed-price. Third-party sellers gain access to caShopping customer base for greater exposure. There are other e-commerce…

We off unique handmade items such as engraved gifts, UV color printed home decor, custom signs and more!