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Handcrafted adult bibs; beach towel bags; burp cloths; doggie & kitty placemats; egg-gathering aprons; pencil/gel pen caddies; quillows; masks; memory aprons; smocks

Opened in 2019, Sparkle Side Up is a small, handmade crafts business specializing in custom designed and decorated drinking tumblers. We use vinyl, paints, inks, powders, papers, fabrics, and epoxy to decorate a variety of stainless steel and…

We off unique handmade items such as engraved gifts, UV color printed home decor, custom signs and more!

Sold at State Fairs across the United States…………. Uniquely Sweet and Sour Candy

All our divinity is made with Pure Cane Sugar, Light Corn Syrup, and with or without Fresh Texas Pecans. Our Fudge is a Cream and Butter Fudge, which has a smooth and creamy texture that is sure to please. Available in 15+ flavors. We also have…

Every locket tells a story. We call these “Living Lockets”.