Friendship’s Garden is the originator of the patented Incredible Plant Stand! We have been adding that extra whimsy to gardens for years and would like to invite you to add some fun to your garden as well. Check out our gallery of pictures for lots of great ideas.

We’ve added Air Plants to the site! Check out the gallery for pics and click through to the web site to order.

The Incredible Pot Hangers allow you to hang those plants just about anywhere and make a great little gift for the gardener who has everything.

Don’t forget to check out our refurbished shutters! They are lots of fun and may be purchased at most of our shows as well. Again, they are all one of a kind, so don’t expect to see the same designs each show.

We also have fill in shows on off weekends when we can. Please watch for updates or call for our schedule.

Cascading Plant Hanger     

September 14, 2020
February 28, 2021
Special Offer

Pothanger Sale

These pothangers are fabulous for displaying your pots invisibly! Each Pot Hanger will hold pot sizes from 4″ to 10″ weighing up to 90lbs. Made to fit a standard clay pot and  so pretty if you like to paint your pots!

This Holiday Special offer includes free priority mail shipping when you order two 6-packs of pot hangers (total of 12 hangers) for that special gardener in your life. THAT’S A MINIMUM SAVINGS OF $6.50 JUST ON THE SHIPPING, AS IF YOU PICKED THEM UP YOURSELF! Each pot hanger holds pot sizes 4″-10″ (not included) up to 90 lbs. and is injected with a UV protector for hot temperatures. The hanger is invisible from front view when the pot is attached and gives the appearance that the pot is floating wherever you have it placed. Includes screws for attachment to fences, posts, walls, etc, even bringing life back to and old, dead tree (as in the photo)! A beautiful and fun way to display your plants. OFFER GOOD WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

Here’s a pic of the pot hangers on a fence. Click here to order.



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