We are your hunters one stop shop.

1) We can book your next bucket list hunt in Texas, in the USA or anyplace on Earth. We will help you with logistics,  airfare, and return of your trophies.

2) We are certified with USFW and are permitted to receive all trophies.

3) We own one of the largest and fastest deer processing shop. We take in ALL wild game in our shop. We have 12 varieties of link sausage including smoked. We have our own recipe for thick cut home made jerky and 9 flavors of buck sticks.. Hamburger can be made into bacon burger, Brisket burger, or add beef fat and pork.

4) With 5 taxidermists,  we can have your mounts finished in less then 5 months. We can mount your trophy with the top quality material and you have choice of hundred of different forms.  From whitetail to bobcats to exotics, fish, birds, rugs , African mounts and repairs… we can do it all.

5) Fill your freezer hunts…. starting at $200


Our Useful Features & Services