Sidney is a military veteran and woodworker, who creates butcher blocks, cutting boards, charcuterie boards, cheese slicers, and home decor. His handmade pieces are made using a variety of wood types.

With no formal training, I tackled my first wood project as a means to an end. My daughter needed a shoe rack, and the prefabricated pieces he found seemed poorly assembled out of cheap materials. A passion for woodworking was sparked through the creation process of my first project.

As a truly self-taught artist, I continuously hone my craft, modifying my processes, and improving my techniques. It’s truly inspiring to start with a raw wood piece and carve it ultimately turning it into something sustainable, functional, and representative of home.

Each piece is handmade and created to be something beautiful for your home that will bring joy and traditions for generations.

Sidney’s passion for quality pieces has become infectious. His wife Laddavan, who started out doing our back-office functions, now is making and selling custom-made beautiful home decor pieces that bring out the artist in her.

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