One day I realized my skin felt dirty. The “soap” I was using was not getting me clean. I went to the grocery store to seek a product called “soap”…not “cleanser” or “beauty bar” or “body wash”. I found “soap” then read the ingredients and found soap was merely an ingredient. I wanted Soap without all the chemicals added. I researched soap and discovered not only could I make it — I LOVE MAKING SOAP!

I love researching the benefits of the various natural ingredients (including amazing essential oils) on skin. I love the beauty of handcrafted soap and how incredibly clean and moisturized my skin feels when I use it. I love the uniqueness of each small batch of soap I create and love sharing these incredible products through El’s Handcrafted Soap products! Every El’s Handcrafted Soap bar is unique because it is made in small batches. Every ingredient has been selected because of its quality and incredible benefits to your skin so it feels clean and moisturized. Variety is a key component in the making of El’s Handcrafted Soap — Every handcrafted bar has a unique design, colors, fragrance (phthalate and paraben free), oils, butters, natural ingredients and vary slightly in weight and size. Essential oil, scent free and organic color options are also available. All ingredients are the highest quality available and ethically resourced, sustainable and cruelty free. We have low minimums and welcome custom orders

. Vegan and nonvegan options are available.

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Kentish Rain Goat Milk Soap

Patchouli Soap made with Hemp Oil