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Business Credit Building & Experienced Small Business Consulting

Establish REAL business credit using your EIN & Maximize the profitability of your small business

Business credit building is perhaps the single most powerful asset a small business owner leaves out.  Let us teach you how to attain and leverage true business credit for your small business.

SmartCredit HQ works with small and minority owned businesses to set up a small business from step one, obtaining an EIN. We can assist you through learning solid bookkeeping practices to ensure your day to day financial awareness and most importantly we can help your business obtain funding and high limit business credit using only your Tax EIN number, never dependent upon personal guarantees or personal credit scores. With a proven strategy and business building tools, we teach businesses how to manage and grow true business credit, creating long term flexibility, opportunity and growth.

Our mission is to share with small business owners the things we WISH WE HAD KNOWN when we were just getting started. Our passion is mentoring and educating small business owners with knowledge that creates a lasting impact.

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