M&R Marketplace is all about promoting all-natural, healthy options to everyday items and wellness products.  We offer products that are not easily found or will make your life more comfortable and enjoyable.

M&R Portables was born in early 2020.  Brandy Miller had recently been widowed and was dealing with progressive health issues.  She had been praying for a source of income that would accommodate and sustain her needs.  Dawn Rickard works full time at VA and was looking for a source of income to support her plans of retirement and allow her flexibility.

In 2019, Brandy walked into a portable building business to look at greenhouse, she walked out with a plan to purchase a business!  After discussing with her best sister friend, Dawn, together they ventured out to see where God would lead them.  They took ownership of the portable building business January 2020, and COVID hit in March the same year.  COVID put them on track to look at all-natural, healthy alternatives to support their immune systems and keep their families healthy.

Their Elderberry Syrup is an old family recipe.  The benefits of this recipe far outweighed what was expected when they first began making it.  From the syrup, they started looking where improvement could be made in other areas of their life thru all-natural alternatives; M&R Marketplace was born.

M&R’s mission is to help those they can and spread the love of God to everyone they see!